Daniele TEMPERILLI - 112 Break EP (feat Sakro remix)

Artist: Daniele TEMPERILLI
Title: 112 Break EP (feat Sakro remix)
Label: Rhythm N Vibe
Format: 140 gram vinyl 12"
Cat: RNV 06
Released: 29 Mar 21
Genre: UK Garage

Few of us vinyl heads can resist a hot, white stamped, limited press white label. Rhythm N Vibe deals in just that and keeps on serving up the golden garage nuggets we all love to hear. Daniele Temperilli is behind this one having done everything from raw house to dry minimal before now. Here he opens with the trippy effects and broken beats of '112 Break', which Sakro then reworks into a pulsing, pumping garage-house kicker. 'Maskiet' is a wild one that cuts loose and builds the pressure with low end wobbles and frazzled stabs and 'Always Sac' closes with an off-kilter piano riff and glitchy beats.

Side 1
1. "112 Break" (5:47)
2. "112 Break" (Sakro Timeless remix) (6:18)
Side 2
1. "Maskiet" (6:01)
2. "Always Sac" (5:44)

型番 RNV 06
販売価格 1,870円(税170円)