Catalog # HS 033VL
Genre Jazz French Jazz
Release W 29 - 2010
Format Vinyl - EU2LP

BLUNDETTOの2010年の名作1stアルバム。レアグルーヴ、ラテン、レゲエ、エチオピア X エレクトロニック、ダブ、ファンクのスモーキーサウンド。SHAWN LEE、TOMMY GUERRERO、GENERAL ELEKTRIKS、CHICO MAN等々ゲスト参加。

Mi Condena
Cuban Shirt
Party Animals
White Birds
My One Girl
Ken Park
La Carretilla
Bad Bad Things
Sunset Stroll

The first album by Radio Nova programmer (Paris hippest station), a hotpot of gently simmering soul-reggae spices with a few bubbles of emotion rising delicately to the surface. Featuring : Buddos Band, Shawn Lee, Lateef, Tommy Guerrero, Chicoman, General Electrics, Hindi Zarha. The vinyl version of the Blundetto album. “Bad bad things” is the first album by Parisians producer Blundetto. He did everything in his room with some friends and prestigious guests who recorded “like at home”, in a very natural way. The results is reggae soul vibes with many different atmospheres.Blundetto started life as the kid the neighbours tried to avoid in the staircase. Growing up as a teenager in Dijon in the nineties, Max Guiguet was a little brat. The type who plastered Fishbone posters all over the pretty wallpaper in his bedroom. The type who sneaked out to tear his jumper moshing to the Beastie Boys or NTM. He spent more time at the mikes of Radio Campus Dijon than he did in the lecture theatre. In 1998 he decided to “go up to the capital”. Jean-François Bizot, the founder of Actuel and Nova, hired him for one of the radio station’s programming teams. First he put him in charge of his musical asylum’s record collection, which was a godsend for this budding artist. He also rubbed shoulders with DJs Dee Nasty, Laurent Garnier, Gilles Peterson, DJ Gilb-R and Lord Zelko, and he began to spin the decks at the Pulp nightclub. Then he had a time as one half of Vista Le Vie, releasing three albums of very movie-sounding electro on F.Com (including the album ‘A Futuristic Family Film’ in 2005). As the years passed, he rose through the ranks. He was soon head of programming for the radio station. He was in demand for other projects too and tried his hand as ‘musical adviser’ for Arnaud Desplechin’s film ‘A Christmas Tale’ (nominated for 7 Césars, the French Oscars). Only one friend refuses to give up on him: Jérôme Caron aka Blackjoy. “He sprang it on me one evening, with ultimatum in his voice!” Blundetto says. “He told me: ?That?s enough now! You?ve done 80 demos, now you?ve got to go the whole hog. Choose 15 of them, finish them and we?ll produce your album together.? And that’s how he got the Budos Band, the brass squad associated with the Daptones label, to come and dazzle with their trumpets and trombones on the tracks ‘El Carretilla’ and the irresistible ‘Mustang’. General Elektriks sings, plays some well funky keyboards and puts him in touch with some other Californian troublemakers like Lateef The Truthspeaker and even his boyhood idol Tommy Guerrero (‘Ken Park’). He met Hindi Zahra even before the young Berber singer signed to Blue Note. They shared a studio one day in spring 2009, coming up with outlines for two ethereal reggae tunes (‘Voices’ and ‘White Birds’). He has even messed around with ‘Nautilus’, Bob James’ classic, to open the album. Unfortunately, the kid still a little unhygienic and there are still a few bits of grot clogging up the works of these digital fiddlings. He can’t quite wash that dusty old roots sound out of his skin. This album is a hotpot of gently simmering soul-reggae spices with a few bubbles of emotion rising delicately to the surface. Blundetto shows himself to be an obsessive chef who ponders over every detail and pays painstaking attention to every ingredient.

型番 HS 033VL
販売価格 2,860円(税260円)


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