PERSIAN - Feel Da Vibe (feat Brother Nebula & Alphonse remix)

Title: Feel Da Vibe (feat Brother Nebula & Alphonse remix)
Label: Mysticisms
Format: 140 gram vinyl 12"
Cat: MYS 011
Released: 17 May 21
Genre: Deep House

Mysticisms is back with more of that freaky floor fare to get ID spotters looking worriedly at their Shazams while the real party people get on down. Persian originally dropped the absolute bomb that is 'Feel Da Vibe' back in 2011 on Existence Is Resistance in a hailstorm of samples and some lairy garage bass wobble under a swung house beat. It's high time the mighty test press power of Persian hit a few more platters, and the track's sounding stellar 10 years on. Brother Nebula does a stellar job of hazing the track out with warbling pads pitched for the spooky but sexy hour. 'Silver Spaceships' was originally out in 2001 as a white label, capturing the energy of breakstep mixed with the airy synth platitudes of finest deep techno and electro. Alphonse offers up a remix which wigs the track out as a weightless wonder with ample subs and scattered breaks for the patient ravers.

Side 1
1. "Feel Da Vibe" (5:23)
2. "Feel Da Vibe" (Brother Nebula remix) (6:23)
Side 2
1. "Silver Spaceships" (6:47)
2. "Silver Spaceships" (Alphonse remix) (7:42)

型番 MYS 011
販売価格 2,200円(税200円)