Scott GROOVES - Parts Manager

Artist: Scott GROOVES
Title: Parts Manager
Label: Natural MIDI US
Format: 12" repress
Cat: NM 008
Released: 07 Jun 21
Genre: Deep House

Natural Midi has been one of the primary homes to Scott Grooves' tunes, easily the most underrated producer from the Detroit area, and he's back on his own label with four new beauties. Grooves has been churning out exquisite deep house bangers since the 90's, a very specific brand of dance music that incorporates everything from jazz, to disco and funk; his basslines are always warm and soothing, while his percussion is dusty and the synth lines musical. In an age where 'outsider' house rules, his grounded approach is always a breath of fresh air to us. The opener "Finished" is a funky house swinger choc-a-bloc with gorgeous claps and stuttering toms, and "Inspiration Sound" scratches the 4/4 off for a bit of broken trip-hop - a certified winner. On side B, "The Sauce" is moody, spaced-out and offers subtle keys, while "Nitty Gritty" slams out a dicing little percussion with a lo-fi feel. Absolutely terrific.

Side 1
1. "Basic Part: Finished" (6:01)
2. "Synth Part: Inspiration Sound" (7:04)
Side 2
1. "Jamaican Part: The Sauce" (7:17)
2. "Gritty Part: Nitty Gritty" (5:13)

型番 NM 008
販売価格 2,200円(税200円)