Scott HESS - Sirius City

Artist: Scott HESS
Title: Sirius City
Label: Adeen US
Format: blue vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies
Cat: AR/RLB 0052
Released: 04 May 21
Genre: Techno

Side 1
1. "Sirius City" (5:03)
2. "UFO" (4:38)
Side 2
1. "Call Me, Acid" (6:12)
2. "Stars" (4:03)

Following on from last year's impressive Redlight debut, Scott Hess is back on his Adeen label with another selection of warm and inventive house cuts splashed with colour and analogue wobbles precision-engineered to catch your ear. Lead track 'Sirius City' leans on a harmonically rich lead line and plenty of off-kilter wriggles to appeal to those who want some cheekiness in their tunes. 'UFO' sports a tasteful acid tweak running in between plush pads and snappy drums, while 'Call Me, Acid' plays around with telephone tropes to make a bleepy jam that will have the ID requests flying in. 'Stars' offers something sweeter to complete the set, spacing out the beats to leave the synths plenty of room to cavort around a celestial name-checking session for deep house dreamers.

型番 AR/RLB 0052
販売価格 1,980円(税180円)