OASIS - Detroit #1 (repress)

Artist: OASIS
Title: Detroit #1 (repress)
Label: FXHE US
Format: hand-stamped 1-sided 12"
Cat: OAS 1
Released: 28 Apr 21
Genre: Techno

It is remarkable to think that Detroit badman Omar S's star has in no way diminished since this record first came out in 2004. If anything, he is ever more legendary than ever right now. His style hasn't changed much over the years - he still favours rolling drums, smart samples and bright melodies - but somehow he continues to mine new moods and grooves within that. This one was particularly special, though - the tinny drums seem to root you to the groove but also float, the melodic hook is buried deep but brings a haunting vibe that never lets yup. And that's about it, but that is more than enough when each element makes such an indelible impact.

Side 1
1. "Oasis #1" (8:13)

型番 OAS 1
販売価格 2,200円(税200円)