Anilza Leoni - Balumba / Sambalanca Trio - Sam Blues

Brazil 45s
Anilza Leoni - Balumba / Sambalanca Trio - Sam Blues - 7"
BRAZIL - BRAZILIAN - JAZZAs featured in Killing Eve Season 3, Episode 3.

A: Anilza Leoni - Balumba
AA: Sambalanca Trio - Sam Blues

Brazil 45, number 27.

Anilza Pinho de Carvalho, better known by her stage name Anilza Leoni was a Brazilian actress, singer, former ballerina and painter. Balumba is uptempo samba jazz at it’s finest. Originally appeared on a very obscure 7” on Copacobana in 1967 entitled ‘Enfarte Musical / Festa Do Balamba’, and was included by Nicola Conte on his Viagem Vol. 4 compilation.

Sambalanço Trio were formed by Cesar Camargo Mariano, Humberto Clayber and Airto Moreira in 1960’s Sao Paulo. The group released some of the most important records of the period and in the genre of samba-jazz. When the group split in 1965 Airto formed Quarteto Novo with Hermeto Pascoal, and Cesar Mariano went on form Som Tres. Sam Blues is a Mr Bongo HQ favourite - uptempo bossa jazz fusion, taken from their self-titled LP originally released on Audio Fidelity (Brazil) in 1964.

型番 BRZ45.027
販売価格 1,760円(税160円)


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