Artist: MESAK
Title: Sata EP
Label: Orson (UK)
Format: 140 gram vinyl 12
Cat: ORSON 016
Rel: 11 Mar 19

UK Electro

Ayran Meydan (5:22)
Dim Sun (4:38)
Kruisata (4:17)
Iskut (8:43)

フィンランドの"Mesak"によるエレクトロファンク EP。UK<Transparent Sound>のOrson Bramleyの<Orson Records>から。UK Electro / Robo Funk 全4トラックス。

Review: Finnish producer Mesak steps up on Orson following the previous killer entry from Carl Finlow, and he's got just as much electro firepower to dish out as the celebrated Silicon Scally. "Sata EP" kicks off with the dystopian ripples of "Ayran Meydan," which zips through nervy, strafing synths and nimble acid licks. "Dim Sun" brings a funkier style to the table, while "Kruisata" plunges into the aqueous depths of Detroit flavoured electro. Extended jam "Iskut" stretches out for eight body popping minutes of stern-faced robo funk to fully cut loose to - it's the perfect finishing move on an EP packed full of advanced electro excellence.
型番 ORSON 016
販売価格 1,760円(税160円)