CARL FINLOW - Elastic Collisions EP

Artist: Carl FINLOW
Title: Elastic Collisions EP
Label: Orson
Format: 140 gram vinyl 12
Cat: ORSON 018
Rel: 30 Sep 19


Elastic Collisions (4:26)
Octodecillion (7:05)
Probabilities (7:06)
Mechanomics (6:05)

UKの"Carl A. Finlow"によるエレクトロ EP。<Transparent Sound>の"Orson Bramley"の<Orson Records>からのリリース。ロボ・ファンク全4曲。

Review: Unstoppable electro machine Carl Finlow (aka Silicon Scally) lands on Orson with more of that impeccable robo-funk he's so revered for. "Elastic Collisions" leads the charge with a tough and teasing workout that works around a heavy low end and plenty of sparkling sound design up top. "Octodecillion" keeps things on a dystopian tip, where a bleak future sounds as funky as it does ominous. "Probabilities" heads into a less floor-focused space where thick layers of buffed and polished synth wriggles collide in high-definition. "Mechanomics" completes the set with another taut belter geared towards the heads down section of the party.
型番 ORSON 018
販売価格 1,650円(税150円)


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