MESAK - Huurune EP

Artist: MESAK
Title: Huurune EP
Label: Orson
Format: 140 gram vinyl 12
Cat: ORSON 019
Rel: 21 Oct 19


Mihi (5:41)
Kuta (6:00)
Huru (6:06)
Okra (4:15)

フィンランドのアーティスト”Mesak”によるエレクトロEP。UK<Transparent Sound>のOrson Bramleyの<Orson Records>からのリリース。アナログハードウェアを使用したテクノ・エレクトロ。

Review: Finnish electro maverick Mesak follows up crucial drops on Roots United and On Board Music with this refined slab of body-poppin' machine funk for Orson, hot on the heels of Carl Finlow's equally essential "Elastic Collisions EP". "Mihi" delivers the kind of starry-eyed style that should satisfy any Drexciya devotees, before the script gets flipped with the noisy nastiness of "Kuta". "Huru" on the B-side locks into a decidedly robotic workout with flecks of acid between the crunchy beats, and then "Okra" smooths things out with a plush, melodic trip geared towards the deeper end of the electro-fied dancefloor.
型番 ORSON 019
販売価格 1,760円(税160円)


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