Hironori Takahashi - KBLV​-​010

Artist: Hironori Takahashi
Title: KBLV-010
Label: Kin-Ben LABEL
Format: 12" Vinyl
CAT#: KBLV-010

A1: Nevilla
A2: Greanes
B1: Greanes (Christian Wünsch Remix)
B2: Shealic

Japanese DJ mastermind Hironori Takahashi emerges with a new vinyl release for Kin-Ben LABEL. It is an effortless, seductive, hypnotic and floaty piece of work. Simply put, the entire EP is exceptionally DJ friendly. The one and only remixer on the record is a Spanish techno powerhouse and Tsunami Records founder Christian Wünsch.

Artist Information:
Throughout the years, Hironori Takahashi has released his music on some of the most distinguished underground techno labels such as Semantica, Informa, Stroboscopic Artefacts, ARTS, Aconito, Chronicle and many others. He runs his own label VERSE, and he is also a staff member of the Disk Union record store in Tokyo. His DJ sets are performed exclusively with vinyl.

Release Date: 3 Sep 2021
Label Website: https://www.kin-benlabel.net

型番 KBLV​-​010
販売価格 1,430円(税130円)