HERRON - Lowflow

Artist: HERRON
Title: Lowflow
Label: Club Night Club
Format: 140 gram vinyl 12"
Cat: CNC 001
Released: 29 Mar 21
Genre: Techno

Club Night Club is a new Brooklyn label born out of an event series, and they're positioning themselves squarely in the leftfield of the contemporary techno scene with a wild EP from the lesser-spotted Herron. The Manchester-based artist has slipped out a few scattered releases over the past six years, from EPs on the meandyou label he helps run, and one big drop for Peder Mannerfelt's label. This fierce return to the fray shows the producer pushing a tough yet supple strain of mutant, stepped techno with soundsystem blood pumping in its veins. It's ludicrously high-end, swimming in needlepoint sound design and yet still rough as hell, and it comes very highly recommended.

Side 1
1. "Dead Frogs Down" (4:39)
2. "Velcro Spider" (5:36)
Side 2
1. "Noroveerno" (5:22)
2. "I Will Try2Do" (4:03)

型番 CNC 001
販売価格 1,870円(税170円)