Rui MAIA - Botany Department

Artist: Rui MAIA
Title: Botany Department
Label: Groovement Organic Series
Format: 140 gram vinyl LP
Cat: GOS 006LP
Released: 10 May 21
Genre: Experimental/Electronic

Lisbon's Rui Maia has turned his hand to many different styles over a long and winding career, shoring up on Bear Funk, Optimus Discos and Belong over the years and also recording as Mirror People, Noise Reduction and X-Wife. After a few years silence, he re-emerged on the Groovement Organic Series label last year, and makes a swift return with another illustrious set of plaintive electronics for mellow reflection and headphone reveries. From the sombre refrains of 'Metade' to the strafing arps and sprightly chimes of 'Okino', there's vintage warmth rubbed into every inch of this release, but it doesn't feel disposably retro. Rather, Maia creates a space out of time for you to recline in, surrounded by dulcet synth shapes and the occasional tickle of a drum machine. Is there any better place to be?

Side 1
1. "Sune" (4:12)
2. "Otis" (4:02)
3. "Espiral" (5:26)
4. "Metade" (2:51)
Side 2
1. "Okino" (4:58)
2. "Torsqe" (1:55)
3. "Avesso" (5:35)
4. "Qazil" (6:31)

型番 GOS 006LP
販売価格 2,860円(税260円)