ALPHONSE - Stolen Sunrise

Title: Stolen Sunrise
Label: (Emotional) Especial
Format: 140 gram vinyl 12"
Cat: EES 034
Rel: 07 Oct 19

Deep House / Ambient / UK

UK拠点のプロデューサー"Alphonse Rozel"によるリリース。キラキラしたメロディアスなディープハウスとアンビエントミックスを含めた4トラックEP。"(Emotional) Especial"から。ポジティブ・ヴァイブレーションが心地良いです。

A1 Moan Up 7:28
A2 Moan Up (Ambient Mix) 5:47
B1 White Pepper 7:31
B2 White Pepper (Ambient Mix) 6:32

Review: Alphonse has already dropped a pair of 12"s on Especial in the past, but he's on especially excellent form this time around. A veteran of the halcyon rave days of the 90s, he's got a lot to draw on to conjure his particular kind of machine jams. "Moan Up" is a truly dazzling track, all twinkling synth lines interweaving around a crisp old school groove. As well as the loved up peaks of the original, there's also a beatless mix of the track that lets the melodies shine on their own. "White Pepper" takes things moodier and lets some sultry sax wail over the top, while retaining some of that boxy drum machine energy. There's even space for some tasteful guitar wailing - excellent.
型番 EES 034
販売価格 1,650円(税150円)


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