ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK - Corpo Di Lavoro (Camille/Kai Alce mixes)

Title: Corpo Di Lavoro (Camille/Kai Alce mixes)
Label: Adeen US
Cat: AR 004
Rel: 18 Nov 19
Format: 180 gram vinyl 12"

I Love My House (6:46)
You Have Time (3:48)
Made In China (unreleased) (4:51)
You Have Time (Camille's Deal) (7:16)
You Have Time (Kai Alce NDATL interpretation) (6:39)

イタロ・ディスコのパイオニア”Alexander Robotnick”。北京在住の”Jason Wilkins”のレーベル<Adeen>から。未発表曲”Made In China”も収録され、過去作品とリミックスがコンパイルされたディープハウス12インチEP。リミキサーは、中国の新鋭”Camille”とデトロイト”Kai Alce”。

Review: Adeen continues to chat an intriguing path through dance music that nods to past masters as much as the new breed, this time celebrating the styles of Italo maestro Alexander Robotnick. The EP of new material kicks off with "I Love My House", a bouncy acid burner built for prime time good times, before launching straight into the more stripped back tension of "You Have Time". "Made In China" has a more vintage feel to it, harking back to the early days of Robotnick's career in killer Italo style. On the flip we're treated to some seriously on point remixes - one from Camille and one from Kai Alce, who both deliver superlative contemporary funk ups of the original.

型番 AR 004
販売価格 1,760円(税160円)


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