Mella Dee - Techno Belters EP

Artist: Mella Dee
Title: Techno Belters EP
Format: 12inch *Gold Vinyl

Techno / Minimal / Deep Techno

ロンドンベースのプロデューサー/DJ"Mella Dee"による自身のレーベル"Warehouse Music"からのリリース。ヒプノティックなエフェクト、アナログシンセサウンド、タイトなリズム。ダーク、ミニマル、ファンキーテクノ。12 inch "Gold" Vinyl。

A1. Techno Belter 06:34
A2. Silver Street 05:38
B1. Jack U Later (Floatation Device Mix) 04:50
B2. Stack Select 05:12

London based producer and DJ Mella Dee is set to release his new EP Techno Belters on his Warehouse Music imprint this September. The four-track release opens with hard-hitting lead track ’Techno Belter’, which true to its name is a gritty peak-time stomper, layering skittering, stripped-back synths with pounding percussion to hypnotic effect. ‘Silver Street’ brings a weaponised industrial onslaught in the same raw, trippy vein; ‘Jack U Later (Floatation Device Mix)’ is a scorching techno acid roller, with steely propulsive percussion and a ghostly groove; whilst ‘Stack Select’ is a dark and minimal techno cut, with icy breaks, skittish percussion and searing synths.

型番 WM010
販売価格 1,760円(税160円)


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